• Andrew Gelles

    Andrew is a Founder and CEO. Andrew grew up skateboarding in NYC and has been teaching since a teenager. His vision was to make skateboarding accessible 24/7 365 no matter the weather and for it to be affordable and inclusive. He is also an avid surfer, environmentalist and is always looking for ways to make his businesses and personal life greener.

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  • We're hiring!

    We are looking for passionate friendly faces to join our mission of sharing our love of skateboarding while protecting the planet. Substance is more than just a day job it's a passionate community of entreupners and skateboarders who want to make a difference in our industry. Send us your resume today we are hiring for all locations.

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  • Bombette Martin

    Bombette is one of Andrew's students and an Olympic athlete. Bombette rides for Substance, P448, Embassy Skateboards, Trophy Grip, Triple8, 187, RockStarBearings, K9Wheel, UncleFunkysNY.

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  • Kayo Martin

    Kayo is 12 year old ripper and rides for Substance, Powell Peralta, Speedlab, Trophy Grip, and Tripple8.

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  • Leo Heinert

    Leo is a professional skateboarder born and raised in Staten Island. Leo is a core member of the NYC skate community. Leo rides for Substance, Torro Skateboards, After Midnight, Arizona Iced Tea, DC shoes, Trophy Grip, and Rockstar bearings.

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