Teaching is Our Passion.

Drop in for a week-long camp or join us for just one day. Our experienced instructors will guide your campers through the fundamentals of skateboarding, from learning to ride to advanced tricks, and etiquette. Beyond skateboarding, we will develop leadership skills, teamwork, and make new friends.

Skate Camp Hours

9am-3pm Brooklyn.

Late Pickups are 4 pm for extended Free Skate at no additional charge. This is great for working parents or campers who are dedicated to skating. 

Pickups after 4 pm are available for $30 per hour.

No Membership Required.

What we do at Skate Camp.

  • Morning stretch and warm-ups.

    9-9.15am we start our guided stretching and warmups on the skateboard with one of our trained instructors. We also introduce new campers to one another.

  • Goal setting for the day or week.

    9.15-9.30am No goals, no success. we help guide and set new trick goals with each student. For students just getting started we focus goals on pushing, turns, dropping-in and other fundamentals.

  • Break into groups based on ability.

    9.30-11.45am we break into two different groups based on ability with an instructor for each group. We spot campers so they can get comfortable with new tricks until they can land them without help.

  • Break for provided lunch and snacks.

    11.45-12.30pm we break for lunch. Campers can enjoy our provided lunch or you can pack a lunch. We can accommodate vegan, and gluten free lunches.

  • Free skate session, skate videos, and games.

    12.30-1pm we digest our lunch and have a free-skate session. We also watch skate videos, play games like freeze tag, and much more.

  • 1 on 1 with instructor or camper mentors.

    1- 3pm each student gets 1 on 1 time with an instructor or mentor. We encourage our older campers to become leaders and help show new campers what they have learned.

Things to know about Camp.

  • 16 years teaching Skateboarding.

    Our team is experienced we have spent over a decade teaching skateboard camps.

  • Bombette Martin Past Camper now Olympic Athlete.

    We are very proud of our camper and team rider Bombette Martin who has become an Olympic athlete.

  • 1% of your camp tuition plants trees.

    1% of your camp tuition goes towards forest conservation and planting trees Mission.

  • Free rental pads, helmets and boards.

    If you have your own gear great if not no worries we got you covered.

  • Weekly Outdoor adventures.

    Depending on the weather we setup obstacles outside and visit nearby skateparks and skate events.

  • We post skate clips from camp.

    We film clips for parents and post clips on the subs instagram page to share campers new tricks.

  • Lunch is provided at camp.

    Take a break from packing lunches we provide lunch to our campers. Vegan and GF options.

  • Small to medium groups.

    Skateboarding is fun with friends. We like to keep small to medium groups at our camps.

  • No fees to Reschedule.

    Miss a day you can make it up. We have a flexible model to work around your schedule.