We are on a mission. A skate mission. Our mission is to share our love of skateboarding with everyone while protecting our planet.

Our values reflect our experiences as Surfers and Skateboarders. We have witnessed first hand all of the pollution and garbage in our oceans, on our streets, and within our own industry. We built Substance to be part of the movement of making surfing and skateboarding more sustainable. We decided to take action and do our part to protect our planet. We donate 1% of our sales every year to forest and ocean conservation and organize beach and sidewalk cleanups in our communities. Join our mission and skate with substance!

Our Values

  • Committed to protecting the planet.

    We want to be apart of the movement of making skateboarding more sustainable.

  • Sharing our passion for skateboarding.

    We are committed to sharing our passion for skateboarding with everyone!

  • All are welcome at our skateparks.

    We welcome everyone no matter your background, age, or if your just starting out come skate with us.

  • Building the best parks & experiences.

    We want to become the largest and most sustainable collection of skateparks in the world.

  • Bringing sustainability to our industry.

    We want to share our experiences with anyone interested in skateboarding and sustainability.

  • Supporting our local community.

    We organize beach and sidewalk cleanups, charitable events and support our local skate shops.

Owned and operated by Skateboarders.

We want to hear from you. Let us know how we can we improve Substance Parks, Experiences and Community.

The Buddy Box

We are doing our best to keep Substance affordable for all.

However some people still can't afford to skate our parks. We believe if you help others you will always have what you need. This is why we created the Buddy Box. Simply donate some cash in person and anyone who wants to skate can come shred the park with us. We match every $10 donated.